Per gli Enti e le Aziende del comparto pubblico forniamo la più completa assistenza tecnico-giuridica in tutte le fasi della gara.
Offriamo servizi di consulenza assicurativa per la completa gestione del rischio connesso alla propria attività d'impresa.
Piani assicurativi per ogni esigenza personale e familiare: ramo vita, infortuni, malattia, invalidità, furto, incendio, imbarcazioni.



SELECOVER S.r.l. - Insurance Broker
Company's Capital Euro 100.000,00
R.U.I. B000014327 - IVASS website
ISO 9001 Registered Company

Selecover came into being from the decade of experience of professional activity in insurance brokerage of two generations of brokers who, since 1946, have offered their assistance to public bodies, leading companies at national level, small and medium sized enterprises and individuals, with constant commitment and dedication.

Selecover characterizes its insurance brokerage activity by the quality of its services, which has its origin in an operative philosophy finalized to the solution of clients' problems.

The Company has consolidated a professional image as well as the habit of guaranteeing for the client a unique interlocutor who coordinates the activity of the various specialists in the individual branches.


The assistance offered by Selecover therefore consists of a set of free services which qualify it as an essential partner for the correct interpretation and management of insurance requirements, and specifically:

  • Identification of company risks
  • Identification of the necessary insurance cover
  • Analysis of previous insurance positions
  • Finding the most favourable contractual conditions on the market
  • Technical management of claims and legal assistance

The ascertainment of the real status of risk must include an in-depth analysis of the numerous variables that distinguish a company. Our basic intervention aims at verifying the particularities and therefore the risks of the company, an essential presupposition for a serious and effective programming of the insurance plan. We therefore take into thorough consideration the company, its environmental characteristics and instrumental assets, its technical organization and manufacturing processes. The conclusions reached by such a study are subject to frequent variations, depending on the evolution of the company situation, this therefore leads to the need for periodic checks for constant identification of the contingent areas of risk.

The next operative phase consists of drawing up the insurance plan, which has to be interpreted as the complete solution for the needs of the company in the field of protection, understood in the broadest sense of the protection of assets, its net worth and personnel. Once again there emerges the need to consider the company as an independent reality and to outline customized contractual plans that do not take into account the traditional patterns laid down by the market.

At the same time, it is opportune to check the pre-constituted insurance positions in order to eliminate any trends in contrast with the established programme.

The fundamental principle of our choice is looking for the placement of cover at the most complete and competitive conditions offered by the market. The Insurance Companies are identified according to extremely selective criteria regarding reliability, specialization and readiness to fully satisfy the company's requirements. In every case an equal relationship between the user and the insurer must be guaranteed without fail.

In the final analysis, we assist clients in the management of claims with the aim of obtaining a fast and correct liquidation of damages, intervening directly with the insurance companies or, instructing specialized law firms with which we have an agreement in order to define the positions in the fastest way possible.


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